Your Cyber Imbiber Tech Advisor is John Girard, who will go to the strangest of places to get the real story.

After more than 29 years working for Gartner, Inc. in the Cybersecurity, Telework and Mobile IT worlds, I decided to retire.

During that time I traveled the world, meeting end user companies as well as vendors across every field of IT.

So what’s next? Welcome to CyberImbiber, Tech Advisor! This is a hopefully regular set of postings about all things IT that affect you and me in the real world.


Relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality.

One who absorbs or assimilates ideas or knowledge.
Related verbs: assimilate, absorb, soak up, take in, digest, ingest, drink in, learn, acquire...
And a mighty good excuse to have a drink while thinking about cyber.

Courtesy of the Oxford Dictionary, except that last bit.


Frequently asked question:

Q: OK I get the Imbiber joke. But what's up with three wine glasses?

A: It's a visual comment on the facts of cyber life.