Cyber Imbiber Tech Advisory Services

Look beyond technology - learn to communicate

My services are billed at hourly rates, subject to negotiation.

The art of influence and persuasion

I offer training in the principles of influence and persuasion, as pioneered by Robert Cialdini, a global authority on sales and marketing. We dig even deeper to look at language framing and attention words that will trigger reader/buyer interest and break through barriers and preconceptions. Your product or service may be great, but the message will make or break you

Candid go-to-market advice

If you are starting out to bring your company into the competitive arena, you need help to uncover potential risks as well as potential opportunities. I have worked with countless companies to bring their ideas to market.  It is never to late or to early to learn from those experiences.  

Custom white papers and blog posts

I have written hundreds of research notes and competive vendor assessment reports, and I know the steps that it takes to communicate your values.

  • For cometitive analysis reports, I will assure that you are following the processes and surveys in the most effective ways to showcase your vision and track record.

  • I will assure that your publications are readable, compelling and relevant. This includes revisions of existing collateral, writing new material, and coaching your staff. 

  • All materials will be utilized to create maximum impact for superior sales, marketing and lecture material. 

Background market research

Using skills developed over three decades, I will find the details needed to appraise your technology standing, validate your market understanding, and show you new directions that can expand your market prospects.  I will inspect your competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from my independent point of view, reinforced by my professional network.